Data transmitted automatically

The WCD device has a SIM card that collects information via the cars Can Bus system. This information is the car’s vin-number, mileage, and important information such as, oil level and service status with others.. The information is sent and collected by our server, which conveys alarms and / or service reminder to the customer via email or SMS. These properties will be beneficial for leasing companies, workshops and importers, as there can be avoided warranty problems with the factory on any “oversights of service and lack of maintenance.” The WCD unit will additionally obtain error codes from the vehicle’s ECU in case of engine failure, and send them to the relevant repair shop so they have the opportunity to convene the car with further requirements and have the spare parts ordered and ready for the customer. In addition it is possible to remotely update the WCD- unit. This way you can always adapt the flow of information as required to run your fleet effectively.

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