Lindeberg Tech ApS

Who is Lindeberg Tech ApS


Lindenberg Tech Ltd. produces and develops automotive electronic components for the automotive industry. We develop solutions for all electronic challenges associated with automobiles. Lindenberg tech ApS are experts in collecting useful data from the car and can easily create solutions that are tailored to the individual business requirements and demands. Lindenberg Tech Ltd. has for example developed and produced the wiring to the Danish police’s new photo-trailers.

Lindeberg Tech ApS

Who is Brian Lindeberg..

Lindeberg Tech ApS 2014 is a natural extension of the auto-electronik business “El-Lusen v / Brian Lindeberg” which was established i 1998.

Brian Lindeberg started his education as an auto-electrician in 1988. As the years went by, it became clear that there was an untouched marked when it came to the cars CAN bus system.

The CAN bus (controller area network) is the brain in the cars electronic system.

For many years there has been a shortage of people in the car workshops who could problem solve when it came to CAN bus related issues. This has given a lot of work an experience throughout the years. Today Brian specializes in reverse engineering and CAN bus analysis. It is from all this knowledge, that the Wireless Car Data unit has been developed.

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